I have always considered what I do as an artist as both means to inquire into the nature of the world and a result of that inquiry. Because my work is intuitively derived it changes and evolves as my physical, spiritual and intellectual relationship with the world changes and evolves. For many years most of my work has taken two distinct avenues each influencing the other. In the early 1970’s I put paintings made in the studio into the urban environment – derelict buildings, abandoned lots and leftover walls from razed hotels that surrounded my studio. The whole area was in the midst of a massive redevelopment project and was ever changing. I wanted the paintings to become part of that temporary environment to change the context of the work. Later I worked directly on the walls in many of those same abandoned lots and other specific sites both outside and inside.

Works South of Market Street, Yerba Buena
San Francisco, California
1974 – 1977

Adaline Kent Award Exhibition, San Francisco Art Institute
San Francisco, California

Street Talk,
San Francisco and Los Angeles, California

Installation at Site 375,
San Francisco California